Saturday, 28 May 2011


Sorry for the long absence again, it's exam season so I have been flat out studying.

Today, luckily I got a break from the jail that is study to help work on my cousins car. Basically what we did today was rip out the sound deadening and pull out all the excess speaker cables.

In total there ended up being 5kg's of extra speaker cables. What it looked like had happened was: The previous owner had lost one of the amp cables under the carpet, so when he when went to install a two channel amp he just ran another two amp wires. This is the only logical explanation I could think up for having three RCA cables running from the boot to the radio.

We also found other wires that lead to nowhere and also wires that were just tied together, with no electrical tape! Just goes to show you how little effort people are willing to put into a job, or to not trust any modifications on a car if the previous owner was a "boy racer".

I have pictures of the stuff we got out today, I will upload them tomorrow as I don't have the time today.


  1. woah that "free" wires are pretty dangerous I guess. Can cause fires and shit.

  2. i finished mine and graduate next week. good luck!

  3. What fit said! I finished on friday!

  4. Man, I gotta see those pics.

  5. Whoooooo waiting with bated breath for this.