Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Hey, this is probably my last blog for a while because it's exam time!!!!! (Yay.....not) Anyway, should be up and blogging again on the 24th of June.

Peace out

Thursday, 2 June 2011


MAJOR NETWORK FAILURE! Well that's what has been plaguing me this week. Pulled my whole network apart to find a faulty connection was causing the auto setup on my modem to go on the fritz. I guess that's another few hours of my life I wont get back. On the upside I got a new WAP for my end of the house. So I guess everything turned out better then expected

Saturday, 28 May 2011


Sorry for the long absence again, it's exam season so I have been flat out studying.

Today, luckily I got a break from the jail that is study to help work on my cousins car. Basically what we did today was rip out the sound deadening and pull out all the excess speaker cables.

In total there ended up being 5kg's of extra speaker cables. What it looked like had happened was: The previous owner had lost one of the amp cables under the carpet, so when he when went to install a two channel amp he just ran another two amp wires. This is the only logical explanation I could think up for having three RCA cables running from the boot to the radio.

We also found other wires that lead to nowhere and also wires that were just tied together, with no electrical tape! Just goes to show you how little effort people are willing to put into a job, or to not trust any modifications on a car if the previous owner was a "boy racer".

I have pictures of the stuff we got out today, I will upload them tomorrow as I don't have the time today.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Who among you like Doctor Who?

I know this may sound ultra nerdy (In the past this may have been considered nerdy, I am not sure about now.) but Doctor Who may just be one of the best programs on TV at the moment. I just can't get enough of it. Every episode leaves me craving for more.

Every episode contains its own individual mystery, as well as a series mystery which is intricately interwoven into every episode. This combination keeps you constantly guessing what is going to happen next.

As for the new doctor, Matt Smith, I think his overly eccentric style of acting fits the role well. Even though personally I am a David Tennant fan but the new doctor is starting to grow on me. Who is your favourite doctor?

If you haven't watched doctor who you should really check it out, the only bad thing I can see is the fact you have to wait a whole week for the next episode.

And remember, Fezes are cool.

Friday, 20 May 2011


So, basically this week was University hell. I had two tests, three assignments and  two labs. It was seriously a mission.
Last year I did five papers but this year I am only three but it seems like I am doing double the work. Maybe that what comes with Electrical Engineering.

I am pretty sure I was sitting in a one of my tests today and a question came up about MOSFETS. Isn't that a planet in starwars? I was about to draw a death star (seeming I didn't know how to do the question).

O well time to relax and enjoy the weekend :)

Monday, 16 May 2011


Last day of blogs consisting solely of NZ music. Enjoy :)

Steriogram - Moving On

Extremely catchy song off their new album. Other songs by Steriogram you should check out are: "White Trash" and their most famous song "Walkie Talkie Man".

Crowded House - Don't Dream it's Over

This is an absolute must hear kiwi classic.

Hello Sailor - Gutter Black

Another classic NZ tune and theme song of the original Kiwi series "Outrageous Fortune"

For all those who have been enjoying this kiwi music, I will try post a couple in my blogs up until the end of may :)

Saturday, 14 May 2011


Time for some more kiwi music.

Concord Dawn - Morning Light

Morning light is a classic NZ DnB tune. This song is off their album "Uprising", which is definitely an album you should check out.

Shihad - Sleepeater 

Not Shihad's most well known song but probably one of the catchiest. 

Naked and Famous - Young Blood

Personally not one of my favourites, but it has been quite big in NZ recently.

Six60 - Rise Up

This is another song which has had a lot of radio coverage recently.

Luger Boa - New Hot Nights

This is a song that my cousin suggested.

Hope you enjoy the music. I might post up some more in a couple of days.


Time for some more kiwi tunes, seeming it is the season.

Tiki Taane and DUBXL - Summertime

This is a really awesome liquid drum and bass track, especially good for listening to chilling out in the sun. DUBXL is a newcomer on the DnB scene but this song with the help of the well established Tiki Taane has skyrocketed him into fame in NZ.

Kidz In Space - Downtime

Kind of a strange song, I wouldn't really know what genre to put it in. I also don't really know why I like it. I guess it's just really catchy.

I Am Giant - Neon Sunrise

Personally I think this is just an all round good song. I saw these guys live and it was just pure amazing. The rest of their EP is very similar to this track if you like it and want to check it out.

Hope you enjoyed. I will post another three or four songs tomorrow.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Seeming it is New Zealand music month this month, I thought I would give a few kiwi songs a bit of exposure. Hope you enjoy:

Shapeshifter - "Lifetime"

This song is off their recent album "The System is a Vampire". Another song I would suggest off this album would be "Twin Galaxies".

Mount Eden ft Ruby Frost - "Oh That I Had"

This song has amazing lyrics from the always amazing Ruby Frost. This song and the whole new Mount Eden EP can be download for FREE. That's right free. Just search "Oh That I Had" on Youtube and the first video is the official Mount Eden channel. There is a download like in the info. You can also choose to donate if you enjoy and want to support NZ music.

Nathan Haines - "Heaven and Earth" and "Etched into Gold"


Sorry, I there are no youtube videos for these songs. If you are into jazz or even if you're not, this is an amazing album to relax to. These to songs in particular are my favourite.

Saturday, 7 May 2011



Egypt has been in the headlines a lot recently following the anti-government uprising early this year. After this latest incident, one wonders whether the people of Egypt are in any state to have democratic elections. Will these elections cause different political supporters to do more then just disagree?

The question in everyone's mind is the choice between freedom and control. Sure the over thrown president, Hosni Mubarak, was a ruthless dictator but from an outside view the different factions of Egypt were under control. Though this is only a perspective based on what makes it to the media.

What do you think? Is the Egyptian democracy going to be a success?

Personally I think that it wont. Currently the military have control and I think it's going to be a struggle for them to give up their power.


Friday, 6 May 2011


Don't you just hate it when your parents get drunk? When they start talking rubbish and pulling out your baby photos?

We all feel awesome and like we know it all when we are under the influence of alcohol, so why should it be strange when our parents act this way. I am sure when I get drunk I become boastful, loud and generally obnoxious. Though when you are in that state of intoxication what you doing/saying seems right.

Getting back to my original point. I have been the sober driver for many nights out and when my mates get into their drunken state, the stuff that comes out of their mouth doesn't bother me. I put it all down to the fact that they are drunk. On the other hand though, when my parents get intoxicated the stuff that they say annoys me.

Why do we get frustrated with our parents when they are doing the same thing as us? They put up with our nonsense when we get drunk? Surely everyone is entitle to 'relax' and "let their hair down" once in a while.

Any thoughts on why this is the case?

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


So today I finally got round to tallying up how much it would cost to build my car and I got the lovely surprise that it was going to be 8000NZD just to install a turbo onto it. That's before I even consider that parts to make it 4WD. Most people have been telling me that I am wasting even considering wanting to Turbo/4WD an ae111 levin 4AGE 20V blacktop. Maybe I am crazy but I want to create something that has never been done before (Well maybe it has but it hasn't been documented. The only ae111 4WD has a 3SGTE in it).

The main cost for the whole job is upgrading the suspension. 2000NZD for adjustable coil overs. It's a shame the stock suspension can't handle that extra power.

What's worst about it all is that I am currently a uni student so I am restricted to part time work, so my dream car is going to be on hold for the next three years.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Sorry for the long absence, I have been extremely busy with university.

Today I want to talk about Pink Floyd. As they are probably one of my favourite bands, I have taken the time to listen through all of their songs and I definitely wouldn't consider myself a purist. Personally my favourite three albums are "The Division Bell", "Wish You Were Here" and "A Momentary Lapse of Reason". With my favourtie song going to "On the Turning Away".

This will of course get the backs up of many Pink Floyd fans, as they would consider "Dark Side of the Moon" to be one of the best albums. Don't get me wrong, "Dark Side of the Moon" is an amazing album but personally I prefer the post Waters Pink Floyd.

What's your opinion?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Sorry it's been a while since I last blogged, I haven't had much time to get onto a computer.

In the week leading up to the royal wedding, what is your opinion on the whole thing?

Personally, I think its been in the media far to much. I mean the idea of having the day off to come together and be proud of your country is good. Unfortunately this isn't what the media is mass broadcasting. Their main focus is on the dress, attire, etc. Isn't this just materialism? Advertising so that women all over the world can have a wedding just like William and Kate's.

The other thing I don't understand is why it is being broadcast in America. The U.S.A is no longer part of commonwealth, so why is it important to them? I think it comes back to my first point. That the wedding has become more of a forum for companies to advertise rather then national pride.

Saturday, 23 April 2011


It's funny how people always compare how much they drink. What I don't understand is why drinking always turns into a competition. Everyone's body is different so who cares how much we drink. For the past six months I have been on medication and it has been only recently since I have come off it. During this time certain people would call me: wimp, wuss and an all round person who could not handle their drinks. Well tonight my friends I proved them wrong. While they were being sick in the toilet, I was having fun. Living it up.

Basically what I am getting to is what is your opinion on drinking culture in this day and age?

Friday, 22 April 2011


Today I went fishing and I have never been sea sick before but I guess there is a first time for everything. Physics isn't always fun. Especially when you're heaving over the side of a boat, while trying to untangle a rope that has been caught round the motor.

On the topic of fishing though, one thing I could never understand is why people are so attracted so it. I mean don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy but I really don't know why, because:
  • You get covered in fish/squid guts. Which once the smell is on you, it just wont come off. 
  • The weather batters you. (Generally any day you want to go out fishing you can guarantee the weather will take a turn for the worse)
  • Your body gets soaked
  • You have to spend hours once you get home cleaning the saltwater of the equipment.
  • All the money you spend on the gear.
All this for one feed of fish (which I am allergic to, so it seems even more pointless).

I guess it's all to satisfy our hunter/gatherer instincs.

 Any thoughts?

Thursday, 21 April 2011


Today I want to talk about the new powers governments are giving to ISP's to police pirating. I am not sure what the laws are like in the U.S. at the moment but I have recently seen that in Britain and my own country that the government is changing the copyright laws.

In my country internet users who download pirated materials get three warnings and then their internet will be disconnected and a $15000 fine will be issued. I assume that the whole operation will be funded by the tax payer and the revenue from the fines. The thing i don't understand about this is why should the tax payer should constantly have to fund the Movie/Music industry war on piracy. The internet pirates will only find a way to get around the new traffic monitoring, so millions of our hard earn dollars are going to end up being wasted.

Britain's law was slightly different. I read that the government wanted ISP's to cover 25% of the cost of monitoring internet users. That only means price increases to internet users to cover this new cost.

All these new laws are doing is wasting money. The only way to take out internet piracy is at the source. The up-loaders. The only problem with this is that they are in countries where they have no laws against piracy or the government just doesn't care.

So my thoughts are on all this is that the Movie/Music industry should just give up. So what if you lose a few million, you still make billions a year and it will mean that we don't end up paying millions enforcing your copyright. Besides if people really like what they are watching the will go out and buy it.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Today i tried out PTC (paid to click) for the first time and i must say its a complete waste of time to begin with. $0.001 per click its a joke, my time must be worth more then that. Apparently though, it's meant to get better as time goes on. I saw one guy on the forum of the particular site it was on that had earn $161000 U.S. I truly couldn't believe my eyes, though he had been doing it for 3 years and he did have 1100 referrals. I would be happy with a $1000.

After seeing this it left me wondering whether it would be good to do this for a small part of the day and also to have a job. The money you could make of the PTC could be pocket money for hobbies. With this in mind I am going to carry on trying it out for a month using a strategy I found online, hopefully it works. I will keep you guys up-to-date with my progress.